Happiness... Is A Freshly Cleaned House.

What's Included In A Regular Service:

Bedrooms & Living Rooms - Organize small items, put dirty clothes in laundry bins, empty trash cans, make beds, dust & wipe surfaces, vacuum carpet & rugs, sweep & mop hard floors

Bathrooms & Kitchen - Organize small items, empty trash cans, dust & wipe surfaces, clean countertops, clean mirrors, clean sinks, clean other fixtures, clean showers & tubs, scrub and clean toilets, put dirty dishes in sink, clean microwave, clean stovetop, clean outside of appliances, sweep & mop floors

Extra Costs ($) - Cleaning inside windows & windows sills, wiping down blinds, cleaning walls & baseboards, cleaning inside fridge & other appliances, cleaning inside cabinets, doing loads of laundry, changing bed sheets, other home organizing

Deep Clean

One-Time or First-Time Cleanings

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Move-In / Move-Out

Housekeeping Services


Small Home Pricing

Square Footage

Less Than 1,800 Sq Ft

Average Price

$150 - $250

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Medium Home Pricing

Square Footage

1,800 - 3,000 Sq Ft

Average Price

$200 - $400

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Large Home Pricing

Square Footage

More Than 3,000 Sq Ft

Average Price


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Recurring cleanings

Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Cleanups & Maid Services

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Weekly Pricing


25% Less Than First-Time Cleanup

One Cleanup Per Week

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Biweekly Pricing


15% Less Than First-Time Cleanup

One Cleanup Every 2 Weeks

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Monthly Pricing


10% Less Than First-Time Cleanup

One Cleanup Per Month

other cleaning services

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One-time and recurring cleanings at your office or work building. Majority of our commercial clients have us come weekly to cleanup the bathrooms, break room, and other dirty or common areas.


Have our professional cleaners take care of the walls and baseboards throughout your home or office. This does take more time since there is a lot of scrubbing involved, but this makes your walls look much better.


If you are looking for someone to wash all your windows on the inside and outside of your home or office, we can also do that. We wash the windows, windo sills, screens, and the tracks so they are all clean.

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